Knit Me a Sweater That Says Control Freak

Andrew from Everett has written to Fitz for help with his girlfriend Renee. For as long as they have lived together, Renee has had a really high-paying sales job and they have relied on her income. But due to quarantine, she has been laid off and has been working on some home craft projects and has decided that when quarantine ends she wants to quit her job and do the crafts full time. Andrew says no way – they need her income, and the whole “arts and crafts” thing is a boondoggle; he even goes so far as to say Etsy is a Cult. When Renee comes on, she says she never realized just how incredibly stressed she was in her job until she had a break from it. She says crafting is good for her soul and she thinks with her sales background she could eventually turn it into a good business. They both seem logical until the “C” word comes up: Control!