Let's Settle This

Luke from Arlington has asked us for help with his wife Katie who he overheard telling a friend she had “settled” for him. He says he didn’t mean to eavesdrop when Katie was talking to her BFF about the friend’s man trouble but he heard Katie say “you shouldn’t settle like I did.” He says it was like a gut punch after all these years and he is not sure how to get past it, or whether he even wants to. When Katie comes on she says Luke is blowing this way out of proportion. He says the conversation was different than what he heard, and yeah she may have misspoken and used the word “settled” while consoling her friend, but she loves Luke and she wouldn’t still be with him after all these years if she didn’t. She says Luke is hypersensitive and reacts to things like this all the time and she sounds a bit tired of it. In fact they both sound tired. Luckily for them, we have the full force of you – the P1’s – to help try and save this marriage.