Lieutenant Dylan Jessum of the US Navy

The oceans of the world are safer for Americans and just about everyone because of our Navy. Work on the water can vary widely from day to day, and sailors have to be ready for just about anything. Today we Salute Lieutenant Dylan Jessum of the United States Navy. Lt. Jessum is a native of Sammamish, Washington, and he knows all about those daily trials at sea. He hosted an event called a “Day in the Life” during this year’s virtual Seafair festivities to let future sailors and curious civilians know what a life at sea is really all about. Jessum gave viewers a glimpse into his daily life as an anti-submarine warfare officer and sailor. This 2015 graduate of the University of Washington, serves aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Jason Dunham. “I have always loved being out on the water and so a career in the Marine Industries made sense,” says Jessum. “The Navy was able to offer so much more besides a job though, I was able to receive a quality education, experience many different cultures, work with some of the most outstanding Americans this country has to offer, and have the satisfaction of working for an organization that demands you give your best every single day.” It takes thousands of sailors to run our Navy, and life at sea is interesting to say the least. For bridging the gap between the civilian world and the sailor’s life, today we salute Lieutenant Dylan Jessum of the United States Navy.