Lifting the White Veil

Hunter from Bremerton needs our help, and fast, with this fiancée Sierra, who he is afraid is going to stay his fiancée and never become his wife. Like a lot of Northwest couples, they had a big, beautiful wedding planned for late summer that has now been put on hold due to COVID. Hunter says they agreed to delay the big wedding until next year, but he still wants to get legally married now and she doesn’t. He says Sierra thinks a quick courthouse wedding will make the big party wedding feel fake to her and ruin it. But Hunter says the wedding itself is not nearly as meaningful as the commitment. When Sierra comes on she says she had dreamt of this day since she was a little girl, and she wants it to feel perfect and not like a sham. She says they’ve been together so long they don’t need the piece of paper and one more year won’t matter. It all seems nice and workable until suddenly Hunter gets emotional and Sierra gets very, very chilly.