Like, Love, Laugh, Wow, Cry, Grrr

Brad from Gig Harbor has called for help with a situation with his girlfriend Anna. He feels like she is way oversharing details about their life together on social media. He says at first it was just pictures and like a “play-by-play” of their activities and he felt even that was too much, but thought maybe he was just less interested in the day-to-day of social and let it go. Then he started getting weird messages from his friends about their private issues and discovered Anna has been posting about their troubles and fights, and asking everyone for advice and support, and now Brad feels it’s an invasion of his privacy. When Anna comes on she says she is using social media as a journal of their lives. She admits she likes the validation of hearing what her friends have say but also sometimes really just wants to know that others are going through the same thing and to get their advice. Well, if she wants advice, here come the P1’s to give it to her, but it may be not the advice she wants to hear.