Look Who’s Tokking

Emily from Snohomish has written to Fitz for help with her boyfriend Mark. Mark has never been big into social media and even used to make fun of Emily and judge her for how much she was into it. But now that he’s home a lot due to Coronavirus, he is now on a bunch of sites – not just FB and IG but also now SnapChat and TikTok. And…he won’t let her see his phone, so while she knows he’s getting a lot of messages, she doesn’t know who they are from and he won’t tell her, which worries her that maybe he’s talking to people he shouldn’t. Plus she says he is watching a lot of “work out” videos and it’s creeping her out. When Mark comes on, he says he is feeling isolated and bored and craving human interaction so he got on social media to connect with his family and now, yes, he is really into it. We press him about how much time he spends with family on FB as compared to how much he spends on Tik Tok looking at dancing butts, but he stands by family interaction first and booty-watching second. Then Fitz has a brilliant idea: will making a Booty TikTok together save this couple?