Lori Hollman of the US Navy

The different combinations of Troop Salutes I receive here really paint an interesting picture of America and its serving families. Whether its kids saluting their parents, sisters saluting their brothers, or friends letting the world know about their friend in the service, pride is the constant element of any salute. Today we salute Lori Hollman of the United States Navy. Lori’s salute was sent to me by her mother Jaqueline Olsen. Jaqueline was so very proud to tell me about her daughter because she raised her alone, and it wasn’t always easy for them. She said that she put everything she had into giving Lori a decent life, and usually she did it on very little. Lori enlisted in the Navy after going to community college for 2 years and earning her associates degree. Lori has been in the Navy for 3 years now, and her current plan is to complete a 4-year degree while serving, and she has her eye on an officer commission down the road. Jaqueline is so proud of her daughter and her service. “She has become so much stronger than I even had hoped for” says Jaqueline.  “I always told her she could do anything if she worked hard at it.” For being a strong woman and making her mother proud, and for setting herself up as the future of our Navy, today we salute Lori Hollman of the United States Navy.