Losers Before Cougars?

Elizabeth has asked us for help with her boyfriend Cliff who is 13 years younger than her. She is 44 and he is 31 and they have been together for 3 years. She fell in love with him because she says he’s mature and interesting and they fit really well together. She says his friends have always joked about her being an older woman but now it has turned more serious, with them not just embarrassing her with gag gifts like Depends and calling her Granny, but now they are actively trying to fix him up with other women, sometimes right in front of her. She says she knows Cliff loves her but when they do that stuff he just laughs along with them and she really wants him to defend her in front of them. When Cliff comes on, he says he knows his guys are jackasses, but thinks their goal is to make fun of him, not her, that’s just what guys do. He thinks she needs to lighten up and see the humor, and also thinks she is trying to separate him from his buddies.