Amy’s 4 Things

Love + Marriage. Falling in Love with Yourself. Loving Others. All the Romantic Movies. (#63)

FIRST THING: Love + marriage are not Valentine’s Day! Amys friend, Maile Misajon{@mailemisajon} is here to talk about how couples can help their relationships by not putting all of the pressure just on Valentine’s Day and how to celebrate your love more often. You don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy this ‘thing’ though, Amy & Maile also get into the beauty of truly knowing yourself! SECOND THING: Single, dating or married our focus should always come back to how to better love ourselves! Amy shares some great tips that you could be practicing right now to help your relationship with yourself. THIRD THING: As we continue feeling the love, Amy shares how to love those in your life. This isn’t just for romantic relationships though, but also friends, strangers and your family! FOURTH THING: Rom Com Time!!! Who doesn’t love a great romantic comedy?? Amy shares her recommendations for great movies to watch this Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day! 

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