Amy’s 4 Things

Lunchbox, Amy, & Robin Roberts Share Their Gratitude + Holding On Too Tightly + The Butterfly Analogy + Relationship Advice

Lunchbox joins Amy for a little intro chat before she gets into the 4 THINGS for this episode. It’s “OG” style with 4 totally different topics. Hope you enjoy it!



Can we love without attachment? Amy always loves the newsletters her friend @LisaHayim sends out. The one she sent this week asked that very question and was helpful to Amy, so she reads the newsletter to you. If you’re holding onto anything too tightly…the premise Lisa wrote about will be very good for you to hear! Questions to ask yourself: “Can we arrive, recognizing it’s not permanent (and let it be!) so we can flow into our NEXT destination when it’s time? How much easier would it be then to pivot careers? End dead relationships? Make the needed change in our lives? How much LESS STALE would it all FEEL?!?!?!?!”



If you’ve listened to the podcast for a while, you know Amy is a huge fan of Robin Roberts (she’s even come on as a guest before) and this week Amy geeked out when Robin posted about the 4 Things Gratitude Journal that Meri and Amy made to support Haiti. Robin was doing her Monday Motivation post…when she pointed to her “glam fam” in the room and told them that she had written them in as one of the things she was thankful for that morning and she patted the journal on the counter…OUR JOURNAL. So cool! This got Amy thinking about how she often has guests share 4 things they are thankful for…but she doesn’t always go into why we have them do that and it’s all based on the ‘4 Things Gratitude’ journal and how we want to encourage you to practice gratitude when you can too! Meri and Amy were intimidated by journaling so they created a journal that is simple and even has stickers & prompts for the days that you might not have words. Amy then shares 4 things she’s currently thankful for! You can do this too…in any notebook that you already have or type it into your phone. If you’re interested in the actual ‘4 Things’ journal that supports Haiti…you can click here:  



Amy’s therapist recently shared with her a quick version of the butterfly analogy…so she googled it to read the whole thing to you. If you’re in a season of life that’s hard and you wish it would just hurry up and pass you by…this thing is for YOU!!! Hearing this will remind you why it’s important to not rush the process!!


Last week our guest was a relationship expert and therapist, Dr. Alexanra Solomon, but we didn’t focus on romantic relationships…we got some emails wishing we had talked about that. A couple of listeners specifically emailed in curious about “what couples fight about the most & why” and “the best advice for someone getting into a relationship.” Amy reached out to Dr. Solomon to get her answers to these questions. And then on a related note…Amy shares a list of things people in HAPPY relationships almost never do…listen to see if you do any on the list!


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