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Magical Moments, Entrepreneurship, Trusting The Process & More With Gracie Moakler

How do you want to show up in the world? Do you stop to celebrate big & small moments? Amy’s friend, Gracie Moakler, just launched Emergency Confetti (something you can use in case of good news!) so that we can easily show up for ourselves and/or for others in a fun way (with cute little poppers!!) to celebrate all of life’s magical moments.
Gracie is a 7 on the enneagram + has an entrepreneurial spirit (she calls herself a “googlepreneur”) and she offers encouragement to others that may want to start a business by sharing how Emergency Confetti came to fruition and how she & her husband still make time for themselves with busy careers + 2 kids. 
Amy and Gracie also chat about:
-Keeping a gift drawer at your house (you need to do this!!)
-The Glow Cube (link below) 
-Prioritizing nights with your girlfriends
-4 Things Gratitude 
When/How To Use Emergency Confetti:
Give as a gift, or keep on hand and be prepared for every occasion, big or small. These kits include two poppers with biodegradable confetti, two clean-up aids (because confetti is fun… until it’s not!), and a reusable tin. Suggested uses: Buying a new home | Job Promotions | Running a marathon | Engagements | Finishing a round of chemo | Two pink lines | Finding the dress | Adoption | Graduations | Congratulating your team | Birthdays | New Beginnings 
Link to the ‘Glow Cube’ that Amy is obsessed with: 
4 Things Gratitude Journal HERE!

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