Amy’s 4 Things

Make A Difference. Lifesaving Work For Pregnant Women. Therapy & Manifestation. Not Fitting Into The Box.

FIRST THING: Amy’s dear friend @GracieMoakler came on for an encouraging little chat about how we are all doing things (big or small) that MAKE A DIFFERENCE for others…even though we may not realize it! 

SECOND THING: Did you know a simple $30 ‘birth kit’ could be what saves a woman’s life during childbirth in rural parts of Haiti? Amy sat down with Stephanie Caro from ‘Project Medishare’ to talk about the lifesaving work they’re doing for pregnant women, new moms & babies (one in every 80 women in Haiti die from childbirth and pregnancy-related causes). Right now ALL @ShopEspwa items are supporting their efforts & our goal is to pay for as many birth kits as possible…so if you’re shopping for Mother’s Day…shop with purpose. 

THIRD THING: We got an email update from a listener that started therapy after listening to Amy & Kat and she shared that it’s changed her life…Amy is going to have her on an upcoming episode to tell us more about her experience! This led to a big life update on Amy’s end annnnnnd SHE IS GOING TO BE IN A MOVIE!!!! Did Amy manifest this???? (more details to come on this crazy plot twist in her life)

FOURTH THING: Amy shared something from @LisaHayim that really resonated with her about ditching the need to label the way we think/eat/move and more. We don’t have to fit neatly into boxes…we have permission to explore, to learn, to be, to think, to show up for ourselves without being afraid to leave our “designated box.” Thank you, Lisa, for this wisdom!


LINK TO GRACIE’S WEBSITE: and she is @elevatemktg on Instagram if you need any help with your own website!!! 


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