Amy’s 4 Things

Manifestation & Faith. Eating to Survive. Time Management Tips. Skip the Gym for Bath Time? (#16)

First, manifestation is something that Amy never thought aligned with her faith, but has come to realize that visualizing what you want to achieve in life makes sense and she felt compelled to share a little bit about this after  hearing something Steve Harvey said. Second, Amy has Bethany Ugarte (@lilsipper) on this week. Bethany loves food, but has dealt with digestive issues for most of her life and nearly died because of it. She’s now dedicated to helping others with recipes and tips to live a healthier life! Third, for some reason people are turning to Amy for time management tips — which is comical because Amy feels like a hot mess — but she found some good tips for us all to use!! And forth, Amy shares a study that says taking a hot bath can do the same thing for you as exercise — so now you can skip the gym and relax at home and feel ok about it! 
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