Maria Barrett and Paula Lodi of the US Army

Members of the same family serving together is something we talk about a lot on the Troop Salute. While we know a family tradition of service is not uncommon, the individuals we are saluting today bring another level of commitment to that family service, and they are the first to accomplish this very lofty achievement.
Today we salute Major General Maria Barrett of the United States Army and
Brigadier General Paula Lodi also of the US Army. These two Army Generals that we salute today are sisters. Major General Barrett is not only the senior officer of the two, but she is older sister to Brigadier General Lodi. Having two service members is not at all uncommon for one family, and even having two officers is not unusual, but having two Generals serving at the same time in one family is extremely uncommon. And there has never, ever been another occurrence of two sisters achieving the rank of General. This is the first time in the 244 year history of the US Army that it has ever happened. Brigadier General Lodi is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations in the Army’s Surgeon General’s office, and was just promoted to the rank in July, while her sister, Major General Barrett, commands the Army Network Enterprise Technology Command. Both are outstanding officers and outstanding soldiers according to the Army Chief of Staff. And we think that both of these women are icons of strength, intelligence, perseverance, and possibility. And that is why today we salute: Major General Maria Barrett of the United States Army and her sister, Brigadier General Paula Lodi of the United States Army.