Amy’s 4 Things

Matthew West: Gratitude + Authenticity. Finding Your Calling. The Power of Music + Writing. Rapid Fire Q&A.

Singer/Songwriter Matthew West is on for all four things this week! FIRST THING: Amy and Matthew chat about family, his song Truth Be Told, and he breaks down the four things he’s grateful for. SECOND THING: Matthew talks about his new podcast, the Matthew West Podcast, how he got into becoming the singer/songwriter he is now, being an author, and finding your calling. THIRD THING: Music is extremely strong, and can make a moment, or bring back memories. Amy and Matthew talk about writing music, the writing process, and music that has impacted them. FOURTH THING: Amy hits Matthew with a rapid fire Q&A! Quirks, movies, and most importantly, what color IS Matthew West’s toothbrush?!
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