Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe She’s Bigfoot

Maggie in Renton has written to Fitz for advice about her roommate Brie who she did not realize was such a complete and total slob until the Coronavirus Quarantine. She says they are both working at home now, but prior to that, Brie worked very long hours and Maggie did most of the cleaning and dishes, and didn’t mind so much. But now that Brie is home, Maggie can see perfectly well that Brie has plenty of time to clean up and is just a lazy slob, spilling and splashing food and not cleaning it up. And then there’s the shower drain hair. When Brie comes on, she says Maggie is plenty slobby on her own, and is only complaining out Brie’s stuff. And it’s not just dishes – Brie says Maggie has her crap all over the bathroom, which leads to an argument over “good crap” vs “bad crap”. And what does Bigfoot have to do with all this?