Meagan Rodriguez, USMC and Alicia Durham, US Army

Sons look up to fathers who serve.  That goes without saying, and that father-son bond is obviously a special one. I get a lot of salutes from kids honoring their parents.  And I always feel the strength and the quality of that relationship. I can honestly say that the way a daughter looks up to her daddy when he’s served the nation is probably the most special bond of them all. Today we salute Edward Reiner of the United States Navy. Edward served in the Navy from 1968 – 1972. He was a “ship fitter” on the USS Bausell, a Gearing-Class Destroyer. Reiner did a tour of Vietnam aboard the Bausell; they made stops in Japan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.  And the Bausell saw a lot of action during shore bombardments in Vietnam. Edward’s Daughter Melissa wrote to me to salute her Daddy. She says the thing he was most proud of about his service was that during a time of the draft and uncertainty in the nation, he volunteered to enlist because the job had to get done. Sadly, Edward Reiner passed away last year from Mesothelioma caused by the exposure to the asbestos insulation in the ships of the era. Even though he is not with us any longer, the love and respect that his daughter feels for her Daddy will never diminish. Today we salute Edward Reiner of the United States Navy.