Amy’s 4 Things

Meaningful Connections + Is It Good or Bad For A Relationship to Have a Fight From Time to Time? (+ Tips For Arguing, Lol)

This episode is all about connection & relationships in one way or another!

FIRST THING: Is it good or bad for a relationship to have a fight from time to time? The answer is…good!! So in light of that, Amy shares mistakes you’re making that escalate arguments with your partner/friend/etc.

SECOND THING: Amy is traveling to Southern Pines, NC this weekend to visit some friends that she made in her late 20’s while her husband was in the Air Force. She gives little backstories of how she made each friend (as an adult!!) and then she reads us a newsletter she recently received from @LisaHayim about making new friends (as an adult!!). Amy also shares how people can listen to Lisa’s 10 tips and tools to making new friends in adulthood: The Truthiest Life is the podcast + the episode is titled: How To Make Adult Friendships! (linked below)

THIRD THING: Amy received an email from a listener that wants to have a deeper connection with her dad. Amy has shared before that her own dad was an amazing cheerleader in her life and was around for the most part…but never took the time to truly connect with her. He always provided for Amy & her sister (which he thought was “connection”) so at least he was trying. Amy shares the email and then offers advice from her personal experience. 

FORTH THING: Apparently now more than ever, we should have a work BFF…it will make us better on the job! Amy shares the 4 benefits of having a work BFF. 

Link to ‘How To Make Adult Friendships’ from The Truthiest Life Podcast HERE!

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