Marcus from Kent says ever since he proposed to his girlfriend Toni she has become a total Bridezilla. He says she is otherwise just a nice normal girl and he loves her – that’s why he proposed – but she is taking the wedding planning to extremes and not letting him do any of it. She also wants him to recreate his proposal with all their friends and family around and with better lightning and clothing than they had that day. He feels like Toni is sucking all the romance and fun out of a really important day and her obsession is starting to get in the way of their lives. When Toni comes on she’s says she has looked forward to this day all her life and that all women will agree with her that weddings are about the woman and not the man so Marcus should just relax and stay in his lane. But she may have miscalculated how the women will react – the P1’s are fired about Toni not staying in her own aisle, er, lane.