Medal of Honor Recipient Ronald Shurer of the US Army

The US military instills important values in all of its members. Values like honor, courage, and commitment ensure that troops are dedicated to the success of the mission, and to the survival and success of each other. Every successful member of our armed forces has accepted these values and several others. When faced with real combat situations, these seemingly academic concepts become critical to survival. Some individuals rise above others and embody the very spirit of the soldier, and frequently those Americans are responsible for saving missions and saving lives. When the actions of an individual are so courageous and so honorable, the nation has the option to award that soldier it’s highest honor, The Medal of Honor. Today we salute a recipient of this highest honor, Staff Sergeant Ronald Shurer of the United States Army Green Berets. In 2008 Ssgt Shurer was the medic in a small unit of Green Berets dropped in remote northern Afghanistan for a mission. While climbing a mountain the unit fell under intense and unexpected fire from a very large force of about 200. During the fight Ssgt Shurer lowered injured soldiers back down the mountain with makeshift slings and secured their evacuation by helicopter. He then returned to the pinned down unit and fought by their side replacing some of the injured men, while continuing to treat injuries to others. He was even struck in the helmet by a bullet during the battle. Due largely to his actions, alongside his unit, No Americans were killed in this bloody 5-hour battle. Staff Sergeant Shurer who graduated from Rogers High School in Puyallup and earned a degree from Washington State University before joining the Army, continued his service to the nation by becoming a Secret Service Agent after he left the military. On Monday, October 1, 2018 Staff Sergeant Ronald Shurer was awarded the Medal of Honor. The Medal was presented by the President of the United States in a White House ceremony.Sadly, Ronald Shurer, The Soldier, Secret Service Agent, Husband, and Father of 2 passed away in May of this year from lung cancer that he had battled bravely for years. This nation can never do enough to honor a soldier like him. This is why today we Salute Staff Sergeant Ronald Shurer of The United States Army, Recipient of our nation’s most distinguished award, The Medal of Honor.