Memorial Day Special Troop Salute

As we enjoy this long holiday weekend, I want to make a special salute.

Instead of saluting a single service member, on this Memorial Day Weekend I would like to salute
Every service man and woman who has made the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation.

Memorial Day Weekend is typically the first big event of the year with good summer weather, so we tend to focus on
the hot dogs and the boats and the picnics and the parties, but the reason for this extended weekend is meant to be about
the sacrifices that others have made so that we may all enjoy these freedoms.

Unlike Veterans day which celebrates all service men and women, Memorial day is special because we honor those who died while serving.

There are many great reasons to join the armed forces in this country. Some join for training, or adventure.
Others join for education benefits and discipline, or to follow a family tradition.
Everyone who joins does so for their own reasons. But the one common thread amongst all service members is the
acceptance of the possibility that they may be asked to face their own mortality.
All of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Guardsmen and all service people accept the challenge and the risk when they sign up.

For several periods in our nation’s history men were made to join without the option, these were the days of the draft.
And just like volunteers, these drafted individuals faced the risk of death, and many of them fought bravely and died.

This weekend we should all stop to think of EVERY service member who has died.
Enjoy your cook out, enjoy time with friends and family, enjoy the freedoms granted to you as an American,
Just stop and remember that you have all of these freedoms because those of who came before, and particularly those who sacrificed all.