Michael Ian Castle USMC

How does someone know if military service is right for them? We have the luxury of making that decision for ourselves in this nation, and sometimes you just know it is the life for you, like the young man we are talking about here. Today we are saluting Michael Ian Castle of the United States Marine Corps. This salute was sent in my Michael’s mother Stacy Castle who says Michael never had to make the decision to join the Corps because he ALWAYS knew that is was what he wanted to do. He knew that the Marine Corps was what he was meant to do; it’s almost like he was born to wear the uniform. Castle had mentioned enlisting in the Marines several times throughout his teenage years, but his mom never really took him very seriously. She says “I just thought this was what teenage boys talked about.” But at 17 years old, Michael was going to finish high school, and he told his mom he wanted to go straight to the Corps. She resisted at first because she was scared for her “little boy”, but Michael explained to her that he was just going to join as soon as he turned 18 anyway, so all she would be doing was delaying his career. Stacy signed the parental authorization forms and Michael Ian Castle enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at 17. Stacy is so proud of her son: it’s been almost 6 years since she sent him off to boot camp and he is now a Corporal, and looking forward to a long career in the Corps. Thanks to Marines like Michael, and service men and women from all of our branches who make that commitment, America is as strong as ever. That is why today we salute Corporal Michael Ian Castle of the United States Marine Corps.