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Mindfulness In Recovery From An ED + Living In a Larger Body with Ashley Vicari (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Licensed therapist Ashley Vicari is our expert guest for the next 3 weeks with Amy. In episode 1 of 3, Amy starts off by sharing this email that was sent in with Ashley: “I would love to hear a discussion on the Outweigh Podcast about gaining weight in the recovery process & all the uncomfortable parts about it. I am so torn between wanting to recover vs continuing to struggle but keep my current body/weight. It would be so helpful to hear about it from someone who has been through it, and has come out the other side ok & happy! Thanks!”


In response to this email, Ashley shares with us:


-How to incorporate mindfulness in the process of recovering from an eating disorder.

-Tools to learn how to live in the body you have.

-Her personal experience living in a larger body.


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