Amy’s 4 Things

Mistakes Don’t Define Us. Chick-fil-A Cravings. Family Camp. Encouragement From Our Friends. (5th Thing)

Welcome to the ‘5th Thing’ with Amy & Kat!! Today’s quote is: “On the voyage, don’t get too attached to the raft.” Related to that, Kat shares one of her favorite stories about “the log in the water” which is a super helpful analogy that you’ll definitely appreciate. Amy then goes over some listener emails that led to chats about the following things: slip-ups in life don’t define you, our chick-fil-a orders, jam vs. jelly, fiction book recommendations, Young Life family camp, kind notes of encouragement, and Kat’s WEIRD hobby of reading negative reviews online. Lol. 

Thank you licensed therapist, Kat Defatta, for joining us with her wisdom. You can find her on Instagram: @Kat.Defatta + @YouNeedTherapyPodcast.

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