Sore Losers

Mitchell and Marvin Hate Lunchbox

A listener surprised us with a package so we open up to see what’s inside. The Drama on Lunchbox’s soccer team has reached a boiling point and we break down all the drama going on with coed soccer. Is Lunchbox the old man they want out? Is it time for Lunchbox to retire? This is a story for the ages and you have to decide if you’re Team Mitchell and Marvin or Team Lunchbox! The NBA Playoffs make no sense which actually makes it fun. The Bucks are idiots, The Atlanta Hawks are shocking the world, No Kawhi no problem for Paul George and the Clippers. James Harden is getting off easy and the Nets are heading to a Game 7. We say goodbye to Eddie as this could be his last podcast ever with us as he tries to walk from West Virginia to Tennessee! Who wins the US Open, the College World Series, it’s going to be a great weekend of sports!
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