Amy’s 4 Things

Modern Mindful Eating. Want a "Brunch & Burn" in Your City? The Dangers of Maltodextrin. Tips to Stay Motivated.

FIRST THING: Lisa from @thewelnessnecessities is on to talk about ‘Fork the Noise’ and how modern mindful eating could be just what you need to break how you view food and diets: “Imagine eating all types of food without guilt. Imagine saying no to dessert because you’re not interested, rather than simply tapping into “willpower.” Imagine what it feels like to be at ease.” SECOND THING: *There’s a GIVEAWAY happening!* Amy’s BFF & ESPWA partner, @meri_, is back on to talk about the “Brunch & Burn” events they have been doing. They have put up a survey to help them figure out what city to go to next!!! If you fill it out (can be found at then you are automatically entered to win a #4ThingsTote & new ESPWA sunglasses…whoop! Amy and Meri also talk gratitude and #PIMPINJOY because…why not…those things are awesome too! THIRD THING: Reading food labels can get confusing, even when it comes to the ‘healthy” + “organic” + “good for you” choices!! Amy talks about a sneaky ingredient/additive called Maltodextrin and the dangers of consuming it. FOURTH THING: Our fav trainer, @ErinOprea, is back to talk about how changing your perspective can help with your workout motivation, as well as other tips to get you moving! “Movement is a gift that can be taken away at anytime.” 
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