Mommy Is Not Gonna Like This

Hannah from Shoreline sent Fitz a message because she is concerned about her relationship with her boyfriend Alex. They’ve been together for 6 years and she loves him, but the fact that he’s a “momma’s boy” is really getting in the way now. The breaking point was their latest vacation – she says for six years running now they only ever vacation with his entire family in the same place every year – Phoenix in August! – and she’s tired of it. They are all trapped inside together, only go out together as a group, and she and Alex can’t even share a room. She also says his mom is very needy and controlling and whatever she wants Alex always puts her first, even ahead of Hannah. When Alex comes on, he is upset to learn his girlfriend “hates his family” and is shocked to realize that’s why they came on the show. He is also surprised that she doesn’t appreciate that they get a free vacation every year. His call does not last long and to be honest, this episode ends very awkwardly and abruptly.