Nikki from Bremerton has written to Fitz about her boyfriend Andrew – or more specifically, about his mother. Nikki is dreading going to Andrew’s for Thanksgiving again this year because his mother doesn’t like her; she liked his old girlfriend a lot and was really upset when they broke up. She makes comments about Nikki not having a college degree and wearing too much makeup and she calls her names behind her back. When Andrew comes on he admits his mom doesn’t like Nikki and also admits she really loved his old girlfriend, but he claims he has told his mother multiple times that that was a high school relationship and this is a grown adult relationship and it’s for real and forever. But, still, Andrew’s attitude is that his mom is never gonna change and that he and Nikki just have to suck it up and put up with it each year. He says it’s only one day and no one in the real world likes Thanksgiving, “it’s just something you get through.” The listeners are lit up over this one because, let’s face it, we all have “that relative”. But do the listeners think Nikki should just get over it, or should Andrew lay down the law with his mom?