Sore Losers

Movie Mike Reveals True Feelings on SZN's actions at His Wedding This Summer + Sore Losers Hall of Fame: "Wedding SZN"

The Sore Losers welcome Movie Mike to give his side of the story of Ray getting out of hand at his wedding this summer. Was he mad or okay with it?

We relive the classic episode:
Our boy SZN Raymundo was letting loose this weekend at Mike D’s wedding and we have the full recap from the moment he got picked up to the moment he got dropped off. All the drunk dancing, chugging, comments to the Bride’s Mom and the interesting ride home with SZN. Also welcome to the Tennessee Titans Julio Jones and does that make the Titans Super Bowl Favorites? John Rahm lost $1.7 Million this weekend after testing positive for Corona and Eddie got stuck at the airport.
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