Amy’s 4 Things

My Life Speaks{Haiti update}. Healthy Kids & Food Colors. 10 Ways to Succeed With Zero Talent. Binge Worthy Shows.

FIRST THING: Mike Wilson{@vanillamike8) from @mylifespeaks {one of ESPWA’S partners} is here to talk with Amy about the amazing things the organization is doing in Haiti. The purchase of the ‘LOVE’ pullover or t-shirt goes to support My Life Speaks in Haiti and the work they are doing with special needs children, maternity needs and helping place kids in foster homes and we absolutely LOVE their hearts for Haiti. SECOND THING: If you have kids then you know that getting them to eat healthy can be a challenge! Or are you wondering how to just talk to them about food? Amy shares a great new Instagram follow {} and their tips for getting kids to have a healthy relationship with food. If you don’t have kids, this is definitely still a great reminder! THIRD THING: Who isn’t looking to succeed in their career or even just at life?! Well Amy shares Jon Gordon’s list of 10 ways to succeed with zero talent to help you put your best foot forward. FOURTH THING: Looking for new binge worthy TV shows?? Well, Amy has your back from new shows to documentaries worth obsessing over! 

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