Never Again…Except Maybe on 4/20

You’ve been asking if we ever hear back from couples who’ve been on the show before and whether they made up or broke up. Well, we recently heard from a couple from a few weeks back. Jeff from Buckley had written to Fitz because his girlfriend Vanessa didn’t like his friends. He said they were all great guys that he’s known forever, and they’ve been through thick and thin together, but he really loves Vanessa and doesn’t get why she won’t even hang out with his friends a little. But when Vanessa came on she said Jeff’s friends were all stoner losers and she thought they were holding him back from doing more with his life. And she thought they were purposely bringing around girls for him to meet to break them apart. While the P1’s felt Vanessa should try to be nicer and understanding about Jeff’s homeboys, they also thought maybe she had a point about them holding him back. On today’s show, we talk to Jeff and Vanessa again to find out what happened after they were on the show, and how they are doing now. Get some snacks ready.