Amy’s 4 Things

Nicole Lapin: Financial Anxiety. Burnout to Balance. Kids & Money. Gratitude.

Host of ‘Money Rehab Podcast’ & best selling author, Nicole Lapin {@nicolelapin}, is on for all 4 things today! FIRST THING: Have you ever experienced financial anxiety in your own life? Nicole shares what that looks like for her and what you can do to change the narrative in your head when it comes to money. SECOND THING: Nicole is a busy woman and she knows what it’s like to feel completely burnt out, so she shares how to find balance when you need it most! THIRD THING: How early should we be talking to our kids about money? Nicole gives parents advice on when & how to talk to our kiddos about money!! FOURTH THING: Nicole shares 4 things she is currently thankful for! 

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