No One Wants to Call the Baby Ugly

Kaylie from Parkland has written in to Fitz and she is pretty upset. She says her boyfriend Josh has started acting differently toward her recently ever since she told him that several years ago she had quite a bit of plastic surgery done on her face including her nose, chin and cheeks. She decided she needed to be honest with him because he’s started talking about wanting to have children and how he hopes they will look just like her. Josh comes on with his side of the story: he says he still feels the same about her but was just surprised that it hadn’t come up sooner. But when Fitz presses him about whether he’s concerned about what the kids will look like, he slowly admits that, yes, he is worried about the possibility of having ugly kids. P1’s weigh in on whether they should Make Up or Break Up, and they let both Kaylie and Josh have it.