No Rock, No Roll

Faith from Marysville has asked us for help with her boyfriend Jake whose family does not include her in any holiday activities. Faith says despite being together for three years, his family still does not include her in the Christmas Gift Exchange and they don’t ask her to cook anything for their potluck Christmas Dinner meal. And she says they are very rude and awkward around her as if she is a one-night stand he just dragged home. She wants Jake to stand up for her to his family and let them know she is here to stay and they should treat her like family. When Jake comes on he says his parents are just really traditional, the Gift Matrix is pretty solid, and they don’t want to bother her with trying to make the kinds of foods they like. He does sort of admit that until they get engaged they probably won’t count her in, but the P1’s (and we) seem to think it may go a lot deeper than that.