(Not) Ringing In The New Year

Megan from Auburn has asked Fitz for help because she thought her boyfriend Tim was going to propose on Christmas Eve and he didn’t, and then she thought maybe it was New Year’s Eve, but that passed too, and now she’s wondering why he is taking so long. When Tim comes on, he says he had been planning to propose on New Year’s Eve, but he made the mistake of telling a couple of her friends and they leaked it to her, but got apparently got the wrong day which why she expected Christmas. But he didn’t know that– all he knew was that suddenly and randomly after Christmas she got really cold and standoffish and so when New Year’s Eve rolled around, he was mad at her and didn’t feel like proposing. Tim says it is really important to him that the proposal be perfect and be a memory they have forever – like something out of a movie – but Megan has been waiting a long time and just wants the damn ring already. Then Fitz suggests Tim propose on the air….!