Not So Hot For Teacher

Nicole from Graham has written to Fitz for help with her boyfriend Scott who she says has gone way overboard home-schooling their son. She says their son is 7, in second grade, but Scott treats him more like a teenager with discipline and a strict schedule. Nicole agrees with keeping what would be his regular school schedule and learning, but she says Scott is going well beyond that, not just locking up his toys until 3pm every day, but also introducing curriculum that’s beyond what their son would normally be doing. When Scott comes on, he says kids crave structure and if their son is going to get ahead, let alone keep up, he needs to keep the schedule consistent, and since he wouldn’t be normally home until 3pm to play with his toys anyway, it is only logical that the toys would be off-limits. As for the curriculum, Scott thinks his son’s teachers are not keeping up with the times and he has found better courses online. By the time these two are done talking, it’s the most divided the P1’s have ever been!