Now I’m A Girl In A Country Song

Alexa from Shelton has asked Fitz for help with her boyfriend Ryan. Before COVID, they had been planning a big vacation for the summer which had to be cancelled. Fortunately they were able to get back the several thousands of dollars they had already paid for it. Unfortunately, at least according to Alexa, Ryan used most of it to jack up his truck. She says he has always loved his truck and put a lot of his own money into it, but this time she feels it was their joint money that went into something that is only for him to enjoy. When Ryan comes on he says Alexa is missing the big picture on how he did this for both of them: he says since COVID he no longer wants the kind of vacation where you fly somewhere and stay in hotels; now he would rather go off-roading and camping and that’s why he needed to outfit the truck not just with better suspension but with better gear inside and out. But is the truck really the issue? Because the P1’s seem to think it’s more about who controls the money.