Michelle from Federal Way has asked for help with her boyfriend Chuck. She says his friends are constantly hitting on her and making lewd comments about her body and Chuck never defends her or asks them to back off. She says while at first she was flattered by the attention, now it’s just annoying. Plus the fact that Chuck’s not stepping in makes her wonder if he cares anymore. When Chuck comes on he says these are his best buds in the world and while they may talk “guy talk”, they would never intentionally do anything to hurt him or to hurt her. And he says she has never told him it bothers her. She seems stunned that he hasn’t noticed how bad it is. But when one of Chuck’s bros calls in to the show, he claims Michelle is inviting the attention with the stuff she posts on social media and is basically encouraging Chuck’s friends to hit on her. If you think it’s testy between Michelle and Chuck, wait until you hear Drew and Claire.