Open the T-Top Honey, the Diaper’s Exploded!

Heather and Chris from Puyallup are raising a baby together. Their son is 18 months old and they needed a new car. But Heather wrote into Fitz to say that after they spent some time car shopping together looking at family cars, Chris went out on his own and bought a new Camaro. She is upset because it’s not what she would consider a safe and convenient family car, and because he made such a major decision without consulting her. When Chris comes on, he says there wasn’t time to call her as the dealer was offering him an amazing take-or-leave it package. He says he got the model with safety features and a good safety rating. And most important to Chris: a cool car he can hand down to his son when he turns 16, not some boring SUV. The P1’s seem divided, until a deeper issue bubble up.