Paul Fawett of the US Air Force

We salute the troops on this show because we respect the courage and sacrifice it takes to keep this nation safe. We know that military service is rarely easy. Service comes with risks and it comes with rewards. It would probably be easier for most who serve to take a job in the private sector, plant roots, and enjoy the fruits of other’s sacrifices as an American, but our troops are the men and women who make that possible for those who wish to. Today we salute Paul Fawett of the Unites States Air Force. Paul’s grandson Aaron Taylor of Port Orchard wrote to me to salute his grandfather. “He served in the Air Force for 27 years and retired as a Master Sergeant,” Aaron writes. “He recently passed from a battle with cancer. Paul fought the cancer three separate times over five years but eventually lost his fight. I want everyone to know just how proud we are of him, and of his service.” 27 years is an entire lifetime of service. He clearly loved what he did and he loved serving the nation, and that is why today we are saluting Paul Fawett of the United States Air Force.