Payback is a Witch

Tom from Renton has asked for help with his girlfriend Sophia who he says is mad at him for doing something he thought was really nice. It seems Sophia owed a bunch of money to her ex-boyfriend and was paying it off in installments so Tom went ahead and paid it all off. Tom says he thinks the guy was just using the debt as an excuse to keep in contact with Sophia so he figured this was a good way to end that and he doesn’t understand why she’s so mad. When Sophia comes on she says this wasn’t Tom’s issue to deal with and he stepped over the line when he paid the debt without asking. And she disputes his theory that the ex was using it to hang on to her – it was her decision to pay it in installments because it was a business-related debt and she wanted a clean record of payment. Now she just feels like owes Tom a bunch of money and thinks maybe this is all about control. The P1’s are pretty divided as to whether the ex was really just keeping her hanging on and also whether these two should Make Up or Break Up, but everyone seems to agree Tom has some control issues.