Amy’s 4 Things

Peace Regardless of Circumstance. Joy vs. Happiness. Celebrating All of You. Gratitude.

Mattie Jackson Selecman {@mjselecman} is on for all 4 things!! FIRST THING: Mattie lost her husband three weeks before their first anniversary to a sudden brain injury. She said she would marry him again a thousand times knowing how it would end…this is because she has been able to find peace regardless of circumstance. How was she able to find peace in the midst of those circumstances? How has her faith played a role? What daily practices does she do to live in that state of peace? SECOND THING: Mattie shares the difference between joy and happiness. Joy wins everytime! Also, since Mattie is the daughter of country superstar, Alan Jackson, she told us some of her favorite songs that her dad has put out. THIRD THING: Mattie talks about how the enneagram has helped her better understand herself and how she’s now able to celebrate all parts of her. Mattie also told us about her philanthropic company, NaSHEville, and it’s all about celebrating women! FOURTH THING: Mattie shares 4 things she is thankful for. 

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