Personal Foul, Offense: Fourth and Long

Carson from Enumclaw has written in to Fitz for help because he thinks his girlfriend Cat is pretending to be this monster San Francisco 49’ers fan just to be obnoxious. He says it’s all a show because she doesn’t really know much about football and sometimes wears a football jersey when it’s not even football season. And to make matters worse, he thinks, it’s a Colin Kaepernick jersey. He is getting too embarrassed to bring her to his family occasions anymore because she once actually had a run-in with his dad. When Cat comes on she says Carson is misrepresenting this – she does love football and has always been a Niners fan, and she wears the jersey because she loves the colors as well Colin Kaepernick’s mission, although she’s not quite sure what it is. And she says her problem with his dad is more about how much his father drinks than it is about who she roots for. Can these two work this out or, as it often is on MUBU, is this a symptom of a much bigger problem? The P1’s have a thing or two to say…!