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Perspective on Perfection + Work/Life Balance Myth w Michelle Myers & Somer Phoebus

A listener (the one that made Amy a quilt of all of her dad’s shirts after he passed away) sent Amy a really thoughtful note about things not lining up as perfectly as we would like them to. Amy wanted to read the note to everyone because it was such a good reminder as we start the new year to have a healthy perspective when it comes to perfection or things turning out as perfect as possible. We also have two guests today: Michelle Myers & Somer Phoebus. They are moms, wives, entrepreneurs, best friends, and co-leaders of She Works His Way – a discipleship community for working women. They also recently co-authored a book together called She Works His Way (linked below). Michelle & Somer shared with us different 4 THINGS they are thankful for (a book + an instagram follow + a tv show +  a fave drink) and they also talked about the work/life balance myth…something they focus on in their new book! 

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