Amy’s 4 Things

#PIMPINJOY for a Hero. Spotted Bananas. Underarm Detoxing. Finding your Purpose.

FIRST THING: A new #PIMPINJOY patriotic line has been created and ALL proceeds will go to building an ADA certified home in Arkansas for an awesome military vet, Scotty West, who lost both of his legs in an IED blast. Amy talks with Scotty to talk about his journey in the military and his future in his new home! The @bobbybonesshow is honored to support an American hero partnering w @theshopforward & @buildinghomesforheroes!!! SECOND THING: Amy some tips that may sound a little bananas when it comes to well…bananas! She discusses how you can tell if a banana has been chemically ripened and what bananas you need to be eating for proper pH balance in your body! THIRD THING: Underarm detoxing is a thing! Amy shares a mask that you and put on your underarms that will help you better transition to using natural deodorant…if you’re trying to make the switch…which we recommend you do! 🙂  FOURTH THING: Do you feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in life? @kim_anderson_life is back to discuss how to find your purpose and passions in the last of her 4 episode interview series with us. 
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