Amy’s 4 Things

#PIMPINJOY. Spreading Joy to Others. Keeping Memories Alive. A #PIMPINJOY Beneficiary Update.

FIRST THING: This episode is all about #PIMPINJOY, in honor of Amy’s mom’s birthday!! Judy would have been 71 years old today and wouldn’t believe all the amazingness that has come from her simple act of choosing joy while battling cancer. In the first thing Amy does a little #ThrowbackThursday from the Gracie Awards in LA in 2014. Even thought she was very sick, Judy was able to attend, which was very special. Amy shares audio of Bobby presenting her with the award from a video that Judy filmed (so the audio is extra special). In Bobby’s presentation speech, we get a great explanation of what #PIMPINJOY is all about and why this patricianly moment was special for Amy. The audio also sets up what’s to come in the second thing.
SECOND THING: Amy shares an email that a listener sent in about her friend who has had a lot of difficult times in her life…but through it all…continuously choses JOY. The email is inspiring and then in true #PIMPINJOY spirit…Amy surprises the friend with some fun stuff…that’s what #PIMPINJOY is all about…choosing joy…but also SPREADING JOY…whoop!!!
THIRD THING: Amy couldn’t do an episode about her mom without having her sister, Cristi, on. So Cristi joins in on the third thing to talk about honor loved ones that you’ve lost & finding ways to keep their memory alive. They also discuss what Cristi learned from the book “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” by Bonnie Ware. And in a very special moment (totally impromptu) Cristi & Amy sing Happy Birthday to their mom. 
FOURTH THING: #PIMPINJOY apparel sales have been able to help A LOT of people and causes the last 5 years, over $2million donated. One of the beneficiaries was Capt. Nelson & his family after he lost his legs in Afghanistan. We came alongside Building Homes for Heroes to help build a new ADA certified hour for them. You may recall the camo #PIMPINJOY tee that was sold a couple of years ago?? Well, even if you’re not, you will enjoy the update Amy got from his wife, Jennifer Nelson, during this thing. They are such an awesome family!!! This is where you get to see the affects that your purchases from #PIMPINJOY has on others! 

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