Amy’s 4 Things

Plate Comparing. Signs From a Lost Loved One. Confronting Risky Behavior. Side Hustle Encouragement.

FIRST THING: Have you ever heard of plate comparing? It is something that so many of us do on a daily basis when we are eating around others and it’s time we stop!!!! SECOND THING: Have you ever been sent a sign from a loved one who has passed? Do you even believe in that? Well, Amy didn’t…until last week! THIRD THING: Cassie Hammet {@casshamm} who was a guest a few weeks ago is back to help educate us even more on human trafficking in America! Cassie had received a question from a listener, so she addresses that. She also shares the best approach to a situation with someone who you think might be in a sexual exploitation situation. The advice she shares could actually apply to more than just the topic at hand… you could actually insert alcohol abuse, drugs, any other risky behavior into this conversation and Cassie’s wisdom could apply! This is such an important message!!! FOURTH THING: Amy’s friend Meegan {@beauty_by_meegan} is back on! She is Amy’s go-to person for microblading! Meegan shares the most important questions to ask when looking for someone to microblade your eyebrows and why having a side hustle that your passionate about can be so amazing! Did we mention that she’s also a makeup artist too?? So we get some great tips on contouring and highlighting! To check out items mentioned in this episode:
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