Amy’s 4 Things

Positive Mental Attitude. Saying No + Asking For Help. Kind Reminders. You Need Therapy.

Licensed Therapist & host of You Need Therapy Podcast, Katheryn Defatta, is on this week to guest host all 4 things! In the intro you’ll hear from Amy and she shares that her new podcast network launched (whoop!), so she thought Kat guest hosting would give you a taste of what to expect from her You Need Therapy Podcast. Also, Amy realized she needed to ask for help this week, so she could handle some personal things. This is an example of Amy practicing what Kat preaches about during the 2nd thing. 🙂 FIRST THING: Kat teaches us all about PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and gives us 5 tips on how to cultivate it for ourselves. SECOND THING: Kat talks about her recent staycation and how important it is to take time for yourself. Kat also gives us suggestions on how to set boundaries, say no, and ask for help. THIRD THING: What we hear, read, and say to ourselves makes a difference in how we act and respond to the world. Kat talks about ways to give ourselves kind reminders throughout our days and how her tattoos help her do this often! FOURTH THING: Kat actually hosts her own weekly podcast that is on the BRAND NEW Amy Brown Podcast Network. Kat plays the trailer for her show & talks about what you can expect from You Need Therapy Podcast!

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