Amy’s 4 Things

Preventing Bad Breath + Cavities. Tooth Gems + Candy Days. Cosmetic Dentistry: Veneers + Resin. Gratitude.

Amy’s dentist, Dr. Jeff Trembley {@jftrembley}, is on for all 4 things! FIRST THING: Are you embarrassed of having bad breath?? You shouldn’t be!! Dr. Jeff gives us some tips. How often should we get our teeth cleaned? You might need to be doing it more than you think. Dr. Jeff also shares an unknown way that a lot of women are getting cavities!!! He highly recommends bruising with Ctx4 toothpaste (you can find it on Amazon…linked below!) SECOND THING: Tooth gems, canine hygiene, and candy days!! Candy days were something that existed in Amy’s house as a child and she asked Dr. Jeff if her mom was crazy for doing that. Turns out, she wasn’t!!! 🙂 THIRD THING: If you’re curious about any cosmetic dentistry work…Dr. Jeff is your guy!! He explains veneers, resin and more. FOURTH THING: Dr. Jeff shares 4 things he is thankful for. 

Link to toothpaste: to find Dr. Jeff!
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