Amy’s 4 Things

Progress Instead of Perfection. Motivational Quotes. Enneagram Wings. Benefits of Hot Showers. (#26)

FIRST THING: Do you struggle with perfectionism? Therapist and life-coach, Kim Anderson (kim_anderson_life) is back on to talk “Progress Instead of Perfection!” SECOND THING: Is your day running you? Or are you running your day? Amy shares a quote that motivated her to turn her day around and she also has a motivational tidbit from a 3-year-old that we all can learn from! Yes, a 3-year-old is wiser than us!!! THIRD THING: Amy sits down with Hunter Mobley (@enneagramhunter) again to talk more about the enneagram…specifically the wings of each number! No one is just their core number…we all have wings…and one of the two numbers adjacent to your core number is called your wing!! Hunter breaks this down and why it’s helpful to know your wing! FOURTH THING: Cold showers are amazing for you (as covered in a previous episode)…but hot showers have benefits too!! If you have trouble sleeping or need to get rid of menstrual cramps or headaches…a simple hot shower might do the trick?!!
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